We're not sure what's more depressing here: the horrible teens fighting on a packed 5 Fulton bus or the poor eyewitness suffering from VVS. Nevertheless, this fight was caught on camera the earlier this week.

Porfirio Landeros, the 5-Fulton passenger who shot this video, describes what went down: "On a really packed bus going to Ocean Beach, a group of girls ended up splitting into teams and eventually, two took it to the next level. This is probably the 3rd altercation I've witnessed on San Francisco Muni since moving here almost 2 years ago. I've also witnessed one iPhone theft and a couple of drug deals, but at least I don't have make a car payment in this city!"


The exasperated reaction of the guy at front is priceless. We're not quite sure what sparked this altercation. Does it matter? Later, an officer arrives to cool things down.