Forget going to Mars, here's the nerdiest toy we'd like like to see on the shelves of City Target: LEGO brick/transit history aficionado Michael J. has created a delightfully detailed plastic brick model of San Francisco's storied cable cars.

In addition to really nailing it on the small details (props on those those running boards and rooftop signage), Michael wins points for his excellent choice of LEGO minifigure Muni riders: A German tourist (complete with pretzel), a mime probably headed to Union Square, a cowboy, some guy from Portland, a punk rocker and a girl in an all-pink tracksuit all round out the toy version of your typical S.F. cable car.

Unlike the real thing, there's little chance you could be seriously injured by the LEGO version, but it still hurts like the dickens if you step on one of those blocks.

Now if someone will please submit this to LEGO so we can get a real kit made before the holidays.

Via: Eurobricks, Hat tip: Katie/@cripsahoy