SFist has gained an ally in our effort to eliminate sidewalk biking in San Francisco: noted newsman and patron saint of watchdogs everywhere, Stanley Roberts. In his latest People Behaving Badly segment, filmed yesterday around San Francisco and aired on KRON4's evening news, Stanley calls out half a dozen offenders for the illegal behavior.

Naturally, we're over the moon about our humble blog's cameo appearance on one of our favorite TV news segments, but we're more excited to add a few more offenders to the registry list:

Speaking of which: thanks to vigilant readers like you, we've added to the map throughout the weekend! Although there's still not a ton of data (around 30 offenders listed, and some are sidewalk biking hotspots), a few trends are starting to emerge. We'll have more analysis and thoughts on this very real problem later this week. Until then, keep sending in reports by emailing andrew [at] sfist.com, tweeting us @SFist or tagging @SFist in an Instagram. Or just leave 'em in the comments and we'll do the rest.

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