After a few weeks of exceptionally nice (if a tad too windy) weather, Sunday's gloomy not-quite-rain, not-quite-fog wet thing was a nice excuse to stay indoors with a coffee and the newspaper. Or catch up on an entire season of Mad Men. Or just be hungover. But come Monday, the grayness hanging over everything only made it that much harder to wake up while it blocked out the Sun on some of the longest days of the year.

The first half of the week is going to be a wet one, with a "winter-like" storm front expected to roll in Monday evening, bringing record levels of rainfall along with it. Although January tends to be San Francisco's wet season, the National Weather Service says we could see more than half an inch of rain around the Bay Area between today and tomorrow. While the rain will be good for the thirsty hillsides outside of the city, morning rains mean a soggy, steamy and probably packed Muni commute on Tuesday.

Monday's morning clouds are already causing backups at SFO, where reduced visibility cuts the number of arrivals per hour in half. Thankfully, the wintery June weather is expected to break by Wednesday afternoon when the sun will bring on temperatures in the 70s straight through Pride Weekend, where we expect the rainbows to be out in full force.