The victim trapped in the minivan that plunged into the Bay near Marina Green Friday evening has been identified as 60-year-old Debra Crenshaw of San Francisco. KTVU reported on Saturday that Crenshaw was likely the victim, and the Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the news Sunday. The story of how or why her minivan ended up in the water remains unclear, but it appears Crenshaw was at the wheel, and may have been unconscious at the time of the accident.

The Chron reports on witnesses who saw Crenshaw's vehicle "careen" through a parking lot at Marina Green, jump a curb, and end up in the water where it floated out a bit before beginning to sink. At least one witness who saw the car go by said they thought Crenshaw, the driver, looked "unresponsive" and possibly unconscious.

Several passengers escaped the vehicle, and after it started to sink some men from the nearby Golden Gate Yacht Club, informed that someone was still inside, attempted to break the rear window of the car to try to free her.

The car sank to the muddy bottom, was located on Saturday, and ultimately retrieved with Crenshaw still inside.

Police are still investigating, and the official cause of the accident has not been announced.


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