Sure, people were using the parklet outside Martin Macks gastropub on Haight Street. But not the right kind of people, darling. The Department of Public Works issued the order last week for one unlucky parklet in the Upper Haight.

Perturbed neighbors, it seems, have lodged complaints against the parklet. Such alleged violations as "homeless people" and "illegal behavior" (prostitution? drugs? insider trading?) haver prompted the city to shutter its first parklet.

SF Examiner has more:

Vivian Walsh, owner of Martin Macks, said he was not aware of the order and could not comment on the next steps. He said he likes the idea of parklets, but thinks the rules surrounding them could be made clearer.

"We were never given any guidelines or requirements," Walsh said. "For us to comply, you can't smoke in the bar so we have to send people outside, then we go outside and tell them they can't smoke in the park either."

A commenter provides further harrowing details, noting, "I have see people pissing and shitting in this brick and mortar shit house when I have walked by at night. This is a great idea but if no one takes care of it then it's just another place for street people to do whatever they want." Gross.

The parklet behaving badly, however, could be the result of the former management. The bar's new manager, SF Examiner goes on to point out, has have planted flowers in the existing planter boxes and removed the overhead trestle. The business can reapply for parkletship if it wants to retain the mini park.

San Francisco's parklets, we should point out, have been an astounding success for both the City and its residents. In addition to providing a place to rest, creating safer pedestrian environments and encouraging non-motorized transportation, they're downright adorable.

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