The 12th Annual SF DocFest has hit the Bay Area, and that means dozens of films providing "a manageable amount of truth" are screening for your enjoyment. (Side note: can you handle the truth? If yes, how much can you manage on a scale of 1-10?)

Tonight, watch the DocFest's collection of locally-produced or directed short films, including:

The Scenes: following a group of elementary students who find an unusual way to spend their time during recess. These students decide to put on ‘scenes’, singing, dancing and acting, attracting attention and scorn from students who can’t quite figure out what it is the ‘scenes’ are.

: one women as she navigates dating in the bay… on OkCupid! One woman’s quest to find love over the internet, learning all along the way.

Between Land and Sea: A man in woman’s is tested by the isolation and constant work as lighthouse keepers. Working on the tiny East Brother Island and surrounded by lighthouse kitsch and romantic views of the San Francisco Bay, the strain of serving up an idealized tourist experience and living in extremely close quarters is beginning to show.

The Hjemkomst: Thirty Years Later: one middle school teacher’s dream to build a Viking ship and sail to its historical land in Norway. Now, thirty years after the trip the crew is reunited.

The Sum Total of our Memory: Couples fearlessly (and humorously) face the onset of Alzheimer’s disease what it means to relate to life with ‘holes’ in your memory. This film joyously takes on the hardships of losing one’s memory, and all the new ways one must relate to life, working in the garden and sex!

The SF DocFest runs June 6-23 throughout the Bay Area.

Wednesday, June 12, 7 p.m.
Little Roxie, 3125 16th Street, S.F. 94103