Ben & Jerry's is making a San Francisco-themed ice cream in an effort to get in on the not-so-newfangled hyperlocal trend. And we couldn't be more excited! We've always wanted an ice cream based off of Baghdad by the Bay. But what flavor should it be?!

Figs seems like a good choice, giving a proper tip of the hat to David Chang. Or maybe fruit and cream? Eh, too provocative. Fruit and nuts could be popular, if not a touch too predicable. In a perfect world, it would simply be peanut butter and chocolate with a 1:1 ratio. Alas, that is grasping for the moon.

To make it easier, Ben & Jerry's provides a list of ingredients from which to choose. Also, you can help name the new flavor with an original title of your own. Our recommended picks are as follows:

Name: Lactose Tolerant
Flavor: NOT COFFEE (Coffee is such a mom flavor.)
Base flavor: Ice cream (Gretchen, stop trying to make greek frozen yogurt happen.)
Caramel or fudge: Almost a Sophie's Choice. If pressed, we say caramel.

Washington DC, New York, Seattle, and Portland will all be special ice creams made and christened in their honor. Learn more below: