According to The Atlantic, Internet rich person Sean Parker's $10 million faerie fantasy wedding took its toll on more than our credulity and forebearance. Unpermitted preparations for the wedding also trashed an ecologically-sensitive Big Sur campground and racked up $2.5 million in fines to state regulators. Because whatever, right?

According to the report (PDF) by the California Coastal Commission, unauthorized development activities within the campground included landscaping to create the appearance of ruins, and construction of stone gateways, walls and staircases which abutted redwood trees, as well as a pond which someone thought it was totally fine to dig up in the middle of the forest.

No appropriate anti-erosion mechanisms were put in place and the construction impacted the delicate redwood forest habitat, where threatened fish, much like the nation's unemployed, are just trying to get by day-to-day.

The elvish wedding ceremony proceed on Saturday, complete with a gaggle of random celebrity guests like Sting and Emma Watson. No word yet on why the couple didn't just get married on a sound stage in Culver City, saving everyone a lot of time and money.

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