Stanley Roberts, the Bay Area's most watchable man-on-the-street reporter and harbinger of bad behavior, may have been sidelined at Bay to Breakers this year, but he's back again with the most sordid sort of People Behaving Badly segments: vandalism by human waste. In West Oakland, a group of taggers has allegedly be defacing and defecating on Revolution Café on Seventh Street.

The cafe owners say the taggers — who they caught on their surveillance cameras, but apparently haven't identified — are part of a group known as "DFM". Besides scribbling on the well-liked coffee shop, their hobbies include shooting fireworks at it and taking a dump in the entryway and then shoving the feces under the door. These apparently feral creatures sure have an interesting way of marking their territory.

What's more: this all happened in the West Oakland neighborhood known as "The Bottoms," because of course it did.

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