In the recently-out-of-bankruptcy town of Vallejo, California, where public services are still scarce, one local man has gone to jail for taking matters into his own hands and painting a crosswalk in a dangerous intersection.

Fifty-two-year old Anthony Cardenas allegedly told city officials it was a necessary addition to the intersection of Illinois Street and busy Sonoma Boulevard. "He admitted freely that he had painted the crosswalk and he'd done what he thought was correct for the neighborhood," Vallejo Police Sgt. Herman Robinson told ABC7. "Caltrans is responsible for painting the sidewalks and they do surveys from time to time and they decide where there's going to be the crosswalks."

Apparently a neighbor spotted Cardenas out in the street painting the lines at 5 a.m. a couple weeks back. According to the Solano County Sheriff's department, city workers also spotted Cardenas improving the neighborhood's walkability rating/committing vandalism and called the cops, who booked him on suspicion of felony vandalism.

The intersection already has three other crosswalks, but Cardenas didn't like the half-assed job the state did there either and painted lines to complete the zebra crossings. Unfortunately for the neighborhood, Cardenas' work was pretty half-assed itself and state transportation workers painted over his lines Thursday afternoon.

As of this morning, Cardenas was still in jail on $15,000 bail and no attorney.

Meanwhile, in Santa Rosa, another Vallejo man was arrested for pimping out a woman he met on social media.

ABC7 has the video report:

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