After two service trucks inside the BART tunnel collided and damaged the electric third rail, BART service has been dramatically reduced by a third Friday morning. Which is to say, avoid BART this morning if you can. (And let's face it, many of you just can't.)

"BART was forced to run all trains through the tube on a single track while crews replaced the damaged section of third rail for the other track," reports The Chronicle. "Only eight of the 23 trains that normally travel through the tube were running, Salavar said. The result was major delays on all four transbay lines."

For their part, BART suggests "using other forms of transportation." Silver lining-wise, AC Transit has offered extra bus service from downtown Oakland to San Francisco. this morning. But still, not a great way to kickoff a weekend. Sorry, folks.

BART goes on to say that train service will be back to normal by noon. Ish. Maybe these newfangled corporate-run shuttles aren't so crazy after all?

SFist will update throughout the day. Good luck, public transit riders.

UPDATE: BART says that full service should be restored by 11:30 am.

Indeed, it can't be good when even BART recommends playing hooky:

UPDATE II: Muni will provide extra trains between Embarcadero and West Portal. Also, extra ferry service is now in effect.

Pics from those on the front lines of BART Meltdown 2013! KRON Assignment Editor Ryan Quintana snapped these two shots en route this morning:

... And this woman speaks for all BART riders this morning:

UPDATE III: BART will reopen the transbay tube at 9 am in BOTH DIRECTIONS. Tube will later shut down to single-track service at 11:30 am in order for further repairs.

UPDATE IV: Well played, BART. Trains are now running on all tracks in the tunnel after this morning's accident that sent your morning commute into a tailspin. According to BART, "No more single-tracking expected during Friday service. Final repairs to be done overnight."