Hot on the heels of the slick new Maps redesign, Google announced an update for Gmail today that will further de-clutter your messy inbox. Unlike the Priority Inbox the ubiquitous email service introduced a few years back, the new inbox filters items based on varying levels of spammy-ness: from personal emails or ticket confirmations, to those constant daily deals and the never-ending flood of social network notifications.

The new features are similar to what you could do before by setting up filters and automatic labels, except without all the hassle of doing that yourself. Each section of you inbox (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, etc) is displayed as a tab across the top and is easily customized so you can delete emails you were never going to read even faster than before.

Along with the new desktop version, starts rolling out today, the iOS and Android mobile versions will be upgraded in the next few weeks as well. If you hate deleting Groupon emails as much as we do -- or even Google deals, if we may -- you'll want to keep an eye on the Gear menu in the top right of your Gmail for the "Configure Inbox" option.

Naturally, there's a video to walk you through it while you listen to the Marvellettes:

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