Safety concerns in the wake of the death of a sailor trapped underwater after a 72-foot AC72 catamaran capsized two weeks ago have prompted new safety recommendations for the upcoming America's Cup. The
37 recommendations are aimed to improve preparedness and safety in the event a boat capsizes again. As an added bonus, they also seem designed to kit sailors out like Marvel superheroes.

Body armor incorporating protection for spine, puncture and impact wounds and underwater breathing apparatuses are among the race director's new recommendations, which include a focus both on safety and a piratical armory of knives. Sailors are recommended to carry "at least one knife that is accessible by either hand" and the boat should have "knives in the four corners of the trampoline accessible when the platform is upright or capsized."

A lower wind speed limit on race days and flexible start times based on wind and projected tidal flows are also among the recommendations, which come amid drama as the Italian team Luna Rossa considers leaving the race.

The death of Andrew "Bart" Simpson highlighted just how dangerous the powerful America's Cup catamarans can be. The boats can reach speeds of 45-mph and hydrofoil over the top of the water, and if the 13-story wing snaps off in a crash, the crew can be trapped underneath.

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