Guy Fieri hate. We're over it. After the New York Times punched down at the bleached-blonde Triple D dude, we felt for him. How could you not? It was mean. And after reading Beth Spotswood's account of meeting Mr. Fieri at Pebble Bech, we had mild defrosting of the heart. Plus, kids seem to love the guy, which is never a bad thing. (Even though this still irks us.)

Sorry, Anthony Bourdain.

And with that, Guy is in town this week filming episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. PUM (@PopUpMiami) tweeted this pic of the Food Network host filming today on Polk Street, just outside noted titular dive and gay bar, the Cinch. The bar presumably has nothing to do with the show, but is near DDD-friendly Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop and near Miller's East Coast Deli. Maybe they'll get a cameo? According to Inside Scoop, "his crew members have tweeted that they’ve filmed at the Front Porch, Show Dogs and the Senor Sisig truck; and as noted by Zagat, he was at Nopalito in the Sunset, too."

Look for Mr. Fieri, the Flamin' Flip-Flop Fuhrer of Flavortown around San Francisco this week. Welcome back!