Last night around 10:15 p.m. a 26-year-old woman was shot on McAllister Street near the intersection with Divisadero. Haighteration reports neighbors in the area heard five or six "large caliber" shots and bullets pierced a wall a block away near Alamo Square.

The woman was taken to S.F. General to be treated for a gunshot wound to her torso, which was not considered life-threatening. The unknown suspect was described simply as a black male. He was spotted leaving the scene heading west towards in a black sedan. People passing nearby on Divisadero last night report the entire area was blocked off.

This morning, passersby spotted bullet holes in a building nearby a 1629 McAllister Street. On the other side of Divisadero, a stray bullet went through the wall of a home on McAllister between Scott and Pierce, shattering a glass cabinet and ended up lodged in a book:


Update: An earlier version of this post mentioned the victim's race, which was included in statements from the SFPD. It has since been removed.

Update II: Patrick, whose Lonely Planet guide stopped the bullet you see above, writes more about the crime scene on Reddit:

The cops and crime scene people showed up a while later. There was a single shooter with a rifle about 2 blocks away, shooting down the street. A woman was hit in the back, not fatally wounded thankfully. Police said it might have been gang related, but one guy with a rifle shooting randomly down the street? Seems more like some whacko. They didn't get the guy, but apparently have his car.

In February, a gunman from Sacramento opened fire on a home six blocks away on McAllister street using an AK-47.


Photo: @Patrick_murrow