The bacon backlash has begun. Popular food truck turned cafe, Bacon Bacon, purveyor of "the Bacon Bouquet" and "Chocolate-covered Bacon," must to temporarily close its doors Friday in the Upper Haight. Why? Well, neighbors have complained about the smoky, rich, one-of-a-kind aroma wafting from the truck - which, let's face it, can get old if it hits you 24/7. Residents have also complaned about improper grease disposal to boot.

SF Examiner reports:

Department of Public Health officials say the owners of Bacon Bacon, located at 205A Frederick Street, have had months since opening the space to address these and other concerns. But following their failure to do so, the restaurant must shut its doors.

“We allow businesses to operate for awhile under change of ownership,” said Richard Lee, director of environmental health regulatory programs, Department of Public Health. “But they didn’t meet the deadline.”


Residents were able to express their concerns following the location’s change in ownership. Neighbors took the occasion to raise concerns with the lack of a filtration system to alleviate the aroma of bacon, illegal parking of a related food truck on a residential street and claims that bacon grease was dumped directly into the sewer system, according to their attorney Ryan Patterson.

Patterson goes on to say that they disgruntled neighbors in question refuse to work with Bacon Bacon.

As expected, this minor blow-up has rubbed the cured-porcine community the wrong way. Almost 1,700 people have signed a petition to show support. According to Bacon Bacon, it's the work of two nearby residents. BB notes: "Two neighbors near Bacon Bacon want to see our doors closed. We need your support. We are collecting signatures from neighbors, friends, family and fans to show San Francisco City Planning that Bacon Bacon isn’t going anywhere.?

Hopefully, they can clean up their act and keep locals happy (note to food establishments: no matter how popular you are, or how much glowing press you receive, it's always a safe bet to keep the neighborhood content).

Bacon Bacon has 75 days to resolve the issues, according to a letter sent by the City Health Department.