Poor Google can't catch a break with San Francisco ilk as of late. The most recent example comes to us from "Simon," an angry Roli Roti porchetta sandwich fan, who sent SFist the following email Tuesday night:

Roli-Roti have a food truck at the SOMA StrEAT Food Park and normally one can choose between their porchetta and chicken sandwiches, but not today. When we asked the staff why there was no pork the answer was one word, "Google". Apparently Google had a problem with their kitchen today so they just took all the pork from Roti-Roti. Great. Thanks. No porchetta sandwiches for the rest of us because, of course, it would be unacceptable for Googlers to actually walk outside and buy their own lunch from local shops.


I guess this is life in GoogleTown, and we had better get used to it!

This is almost as bad as accidentally nudging a lady while trying to get your bike out of the Google Bus.

To get to the bottom of the pork sandwich occupation by tech-foodie masterminds, SFist contacted our sources at the San Francisco Google office (yes, they do have a San Francisco office) who told us that they didn't see any Roti-Roti food in the cafeteria yesterday or notice any problems in the kitchen. "Who knows. It could have been for an off-site event," we're told.

Roti-Roti publicity stunt or Google illuminati pork conspiracy? You decide.