Here we go: In light of the San Francisco Pride Committee's decision to cancel Bradley Manning as a Grand Marshal for the 2013 Pride Parade, a protest will take place today, Monday, at the nonprofit's corporate headquarters at 1841 Market Street (between Octavia & Guerrero).

Late Friday, if you recall, Pride Board President Lisa L. Williams released a confusing press release attempting to clarify that Manning's dismissal was not due to sponsor concerns, but because of a magical rogue staffer who added the famous whistleblower's name to the list of Grand Marshals. In part of a lengthy explanation, Williams spins, "A staff person at SF Pride, acting under his own initiative, prematurely contacted Bradley Manning based on internal conversations within the SF Pride organization. That was an error and that person has been disciplined. He does not now, nor did he at that time, speak for SF Pride."

Locals and national media outlets reacted with outrage at yet another instance of Gay Pride's message and meaning being chipped away by corporate interests and big money. Read more about it here. Protest organizers have asked participants to carry "I Am Bradley Manning" signs and to don Manning masks, which you can find here.