Every week is Burger Week as far as we're concerned, and local burger joint Super Duper seems to concur. In honor of something called "Super Duper Day" and apropos of nothing other than the tyranny of Mondays, Super Duper will be handing out free mini burgers (which clock in at 4 ounces, making them not that mini) at 3 p.m. today at its Castro, Union Square, Metreon and Marina locations (as well as its Mill Valley outpost).

They'll only be giving away 100 mini burgers (macro sliders?) at each location so be in line before 3 p.m. Because it's Monday and although you have better things to do than grabbing a mid-afternoon snack, you don't really feel like doing them, do you?

Participating Super Duper locations:
Castro, 2304 Market Street
Union Square, 721 Market Street
Metreon, 783 Mission Street
Marina, 2201 Chestnut Street