Ever wonder where in the name of all that's holy all the buses in SF are? Sure, you've got reliable prediction times, but something about waiting for a bus on an abandoned, windswept corner makes us doubt even the most reliable Next Bus times. Enter this handy tool called the SF Live Bus Map.

Using the NextBus API, which serves prediction times for your upcoming ride, developers have created a city-wide bird's eye map view of all the buses in SF as they go about their business. Just in time for 4/20, the SF Live Bus Map is strangely hypnotic, begging to be stared at with glazed, bloodshot eyes. Watching the buses, which stall and scurry across the screen like amoebas in a petri dish, is an oddly soothing reminder that yes, there are buses somewhere in the city ... just not necessarily where and when you want them.

The most useful application of this map may be to track your ride, but we like it as the visual equivalent of background noise: it's pleasant, soothing and the cute bus icons delude us into feeling as if we have a modicum of control over our public transportation options.

Go ahead and stare at it for awhile.