In San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood, two blocks between that city's best Farmers Market and the LGBT Community Center, they have officially christened the very first Harvey Milk Street. While the stretch of the former Blaine Avenue, which intersects with Normal Street was named last year, the superfluous signage finally came down this week.

According to city officials down in (ahem) America's Finest City, the street is the first to be named after the slain San Francisco Supervisor. Back in his adopted hometown, we merely have a plaza, a school, a recreational arts center and possibly an airport. Hillcrest, for those not familiar with San Diego's bar scene, is something like a sunnier Castro District, with even more patio bars and (surprisingly) even fewer naked people.

Harvey Milk, a native of New York state, was stationed in San Diego while serving in the Navy during the early 1950s.

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