That is not how you show off a new diamond ring, fellas. You do it like this. Amateurs.

The San Francisco Giants received their second World Series rings before Sunday's game. And what gems there are. So big. So bold. Just like their 2010 finger-jewelry pieces, Tiffany & Co. designed the 2012 rings. The sports bling comes with 144 diamonds encrusted upon each one. On one side, you will find the score of each playoff series. On the other, nestled between the player's name and number, is the iconic San Francisco Cable Car. On the top and on both sides of the team's logo, seven round stones represent the seven world championships.

The ring, for most of us, is simply priceless -- and, of course, very gaudy. (The men's jewelry oeuvre is overwhelmingly tacky. There are very exceptions.)

Before the Giants received their rings, Giants Hall of Famers Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey and Willie Mays were given theirs first.

A closer look:

Below, a highly dramatic video showing how the rings were made:

Check out a truncated clip of Sunday's ring ceremony at