Larry Ellison's personal and far less dazzling remake of The Music Man, happening right here in San Francisco, is turning into a veritable storm of shit. First, this toy-boat viewing party on the Bay will not generate nearly as much revue as promised. And now food trucks, a staple of San Francisco's food zenith, are getting the bum's rush.

San Francisco Business Times reports:

In a request for proposal put out March 27 by Levy Premium Foodservice — recently chosen as the “master concessionaire” for the race’s events running July through September — food and beverage companies were invited to submit applications to participate as vendors in the cup’s main event areas.

However, one line specifically states that there will be absolutely no food trucks permitted in either the America’s Cup Park at Piers 27 and 29 or the America’s Cup Village at Marina Green.

What an incredibly sanity-free idea.

When asked about the ban, Tim Jeffery, director of public relations for the America’s Cup, went on to explain to San Francisco Business Times that they've used these newfangled food trucks, "and that was a very successful arrangement."

Eater also expressed bewilderment at the idea of banning food trucks, noting, "Considering there have been trucks at America's Cup warm-up events, this one's a headscratcher."


Look for this silly ban to get overturned faster than Larry Ellison's AC45.