A 1-year-old boy was whisked to Children's Hospital Oakland after taking a bullet fragment to the neck. The incident, innocently enough, happened while he was being fed by his grandparents inside an apartment near First Street and Macdonald Avenue.

"You have a 1-year-old child that's literally in the arms of the grandparents there feeding him, and bullets come into the house," Capt. Mark Gagan explained to the CoCo Times. "I am really angry about this. I am sickened. I am appalled."

The boy had the bullet piece removed. He remains in serious condition.

As for the suspect? He remains at large. The police department has offered a $25,000 for any ti ps leading to the person responsible for the shooting. Information can be directed to the Richmond police department at 510-233-1214. Anonymous tips can be sent to 510-232-8477.