Vallejo is back in the news with a bizarre shootout and standoff situation involving a (possibly disturbed) man, a shotgun, and armored police van, and a house that didn't belong to him. Vallejo police brought out all the big guns to do battle with a single individual who they say fired on them out the window of an empty house he entered in a quiet neighborhood.

Neighbors tell ABC 7 that the unidentified man had stayed with the couple who owned the house, and arrived there yesterday morning armed with a shotgun, asking for money. The couple was not home, and neighbors called police. When the police arrived, the man ran into the house and barricaded himself there. They say he appeared in the doorway with a firearm, and police fired on him, after which he retreated. Then he allegedly poked the shotgun out the window a couple hours later, around 1 p.m., and began firing on officers.

At that point, police showered the house with bullets, and then took an armored vehicle into the yard and began cutting open some lattice work with the help of long-handled tools. The entire neighborhood was evacuated, and neighbors describe hearing upwards of 50 shots fired.

When they finally busted into the house around 3:30 p.m., the man was dead. They aren't clarifying how he died, or if his fatal wound was self-inflicted.

Seriously, everyone, some crazy shit goes down in Vallejo. You've been warned.

See the video below.

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