Three little meerkat rapscallions who are clearly up to no good -- named Ayo, Rufaro, and Nandi -- joined the Oakland Zoo meerkat mob. And just look at them. LOOK AT THEM! They're too much and already in so much trouble.

At nearly six weeks old, the trio brings the size of the zoo's meerkat mob to a solid eight.

"It has been wonderful watching the mob raise the pups," zoological manager Victor Alm explained to The Chronicle. "It has truly been a collective effort and all the adults are taking their turns caring for and teaching the new pups their different roles and jobs needed to be a productive meerkat."

The meerkat pups' inclusion has been considered a noteworthy success by the zoo because, as The Chronicle goes on to point out, "They live in social groups called mobs led by a dominant male and female, and the dominant pair will generally not tolerate pregnancies and births by other members of the mob."

Check out the pups and their mob family at the Oakland Zoo (9777 Golf Links Road, Oakland, CA).