On Sunday night, authorities pulled out a dead body from the elevator shaft at the Montgomery Muni/BART station. According to BART police Lt. John Conneely, BART and San Francisco police responded to a call of someone stuck inside the elevator car itself. As they managed to get the person out of the elevator, they made a grim discovery.

SF Appeal has more:

The man who was stuck in the elevator told police he was going from the Muni level up to the concourse level when he heard a crunching sound and a man yelp before the elevator stopped, Conneely said.

Conneely said that fire personnel found a man in the shaft. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

While it isn't known how long the unidentified man was in the elevator shaft, Conneely went on to add, "It appears he may have been sleeping atop the elevator and was crushed."