Just when it seems like we are maxxed out on burger options in the city, Denver-based chain, Smashburger waves Angus beef patties and fancy buns under our noses, and they’re getting closer and closer. Inside Scoop says the the company has signed five local leases -- Mill Valley Smashburger opens next to a Whole Foods in May, and we get ours here in the city at Potrero Safeway Plaza later this summer. They plan to open five locations this year in the Bay Area, and another five or more in 2014.

Smashburger was labeled by Forbes as America’s Most Promising Company in 2011. Forbes says they have opened 200 locations across the country in six years. The name comes from a patented tool used to smash a meatball into a patty while it’s on the grill. (Also known as a metal spatula? We could totally be missing something here.)

You could say Smashburger is either joining good company, or one too many cooks in the kitchen. If we want a burger with house-made pickles and Niman Ranch beef, take your pick of five Super Duper Burger locations in the city. There’s also all-natural bison or grass-fed beef burger at Roam Artisan Burgers, with two locations within blocks of one another in the Marina and Pac Heights. A few other mid-size burger chains are encroaching on the city, as Grub Street mentioned today.

And with that, we can safely say: That's enough beef for now, thanks.