A new app has just come out for the iPhone that gets you a quick answer from a panel of dermatologists as to whether that spot on your penis is herpes. And, you can set your mind at rest (or start freaking out) all for just $10 and without having to go show your doctor.

And did we just say penis? Vaginas are welcome too. The app-based service is from iDoc24, it's called STD Triage, and was created by UC Berkeley doctoral candidate Alexander Börve. (Hat tip to 7x7 for alerting us to this very important new thing.) As he puts it, "Dermatologists say they usually know within ten seconds of looking at a photo of the rash what it most likely is." He says the service doesn't replace having to actually go to a doctor for treatment, but it takes things a step beyond webMD and simple Google searches when trying to identify your own rashes.

This also applies, we assume, to syphilis, and hopefully Lyme disease too.

The app is free to download, and it's free to submit a photo, but when your answer comes back within 24 hours you click a Pay button to submit $9.99 for your verdict. As 7x7 notes, the app should be especially handy in other countries where the wait to see a dermatologist can be weeks or months.

Download it here from iTunes. But don't show your girlfriend/boyfriend/mother.