It's been a bizarro world winter, all of us expecting every day that there's just got to be some rain clouds coming any day now. It can't possibly keep staying sunny like this, can it? Well, in the next few days, there will be, in fact, a few rain clouds. Just a few.

Meteorologists say that the first smattering of the rain should be dampening Bay Lights watchers around 10 p.m. tonight, with it continuing to spit until morning. Then, on Thursday, there will be a touch more in the afternoon. Enough to freshen the succulents on your deck but not enough to slow traffic or fill any reservoirs.

So, enjoy this afternoon in the sun. Sit outside with your lunch. And let's all collectively do a little hoping and praying for some more rain, at least on weekdays when we don't need to be outdoors, for the sake of the plants and water supplies.

Or you can just keep accepting and enjoying these sunny days as gifts of the climate change (or El Nino) gods, and assume, devil may care, that it will all work out in the end.