The FiDi got a some chopped liver love by way of a new Jewish deli, Shorty Goldstein’s, that just opened today across from the Crocker Galleria. And their PR campaign is downright adorable!

In true Jewish mother fashion, chef/owner Michael Siegel’s (he was last chef de cuisine at Betelnut) proud mama, Arlene, wrote to Inside Scoop letting them know her son was officially in business. We’re not sure if Paolo Lucchesi has an in with the Siegels, or if this was Shorty Goldstein’s across the board public relations strategy. We assume the former, but if it’s the latter, other new restaurants wanting to make an impression should take note — that shit is endearing. (Also cute, Shorty Goldstein was Michael's great grandma's nickname — she was under five feet.)

The straight-forward menu has the makings for a lot of to-go ordering - daily sandwiches, in addition to an “Everything on Rye” meat section (double meat available = yes please), and sides and desserts like cole slaw and cheesecake.

Their challah French toast and corned beef benedict (which will be alternated with a pastrami eggs benedict) were the most popular items for opening day breakfast when we gave Shorty’s a call earlier this morning. They're open weekdays from 8 am to 4pm. Thanks, Arlene.