With foodie news feverishly tracking the ups and downs of restaurant openings, chef shakeups and "it" ingredients, we thought it was time to get straight to the source. That's why we'll now be giving food items a chance to tell their own sides of the story behind the city's best, brightest and most newsworthy eats, starting with the rumors behind bread pudding's power play for the city's sweet tooth.

Are we ready to declare a bread pudding trend alert? Not quite. But we have been hearing reports of the 'so-hot-right-now' variety, so we thought we'd sit down with the city's treat du jour to learn a little bit more.

SFist: We've been hearing whispers that bread pudding is the latest in a long line of dessert trends like froyo, cupcakes, pie, etc. How do you feel about emerging in the spotlight?

Pudding: First off, I'd like to say what an honor it is to even be mentioned in the same sentence as some of those amazing desserts. Cupcakes in particular have been such great role models and mentors to me. They've really paved the way for someone like me, who's maybe coming from a more obscure background, to gain fans and to see some success in the dessert world.

SFist: So you are, technically, a dessert?

Pudding: I mean, I'm many things to many people. I wear a lot of fruit- and candy-based hats [chuckles]. You can eat me for breakfast if you want to ... in that sense I'm kind of a pastry. You can have me as a mid-afternoon snack with coffee, or obviously after dinner, or really whenever. My versatility is one of my best qualities, according to the bags of fan mail I get.

SFist: Fan mail? Really?

Pudding: Yeah, I mean ... most of it is from inside prisons. A lot of incarcerated prisoners are really lonely ... they haven't seen or touched a pudding in years. All they can do is look at pictures, but it's not the same thing. So yeah, I get a lot of mail from guys in jail who write these long letters about how gooey and moist I am and stuff like that. Sometimes it's some really sick stuff. But mostly it's flattering.

SFist: What else do people like about you? Why do you think you could be a "trend" right now?

Pudding: Look, my taste is great and I've worked really hard to get my texture right. I'm not one of those desserts that's like, 'oh look at my, I'm really sweet' and that's all they have to offer. If all you're after is a sweet, nice dessert with low self-esteem, you can take your business elsewhere. I have a lot more to offer than that. I'm funny, I'm interesting, and I taste really good.

SFist: And you're humble.

Pudding: Exactly. I'm the perfect package.

SFist: What's next for you?

Pudding: Um. Well. I sort of thought you would probably eat me after this interview.

SFist: Oh. Well, yeeeeeah. That ... that's definitely happening. Sorry.

Pudding: No prob.

Schulzie's, 364 Hayes St. S.F., 94102