Over in Oakland the often-smelly Lake Merritt has been experiencing a renaissance thanks to $47 million worth of improvements over the past 10 years. Last week, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan opened up another channel that will eventually connect the lake to the bay and bring in much needed clean water to cut down on the summer stench around the lake.

While many of the dark, pee-smelling tunnels and dangerous intersections around the lake have been replaced by cleaner paths and safer roads, Oakland Tribune columnist Tammerlin Drummond reveals the last obstacle preventing Oakland's crown jewel from realizing its full potential: geese.

After interviewing a chorus of Oaklanders who feel the money spent revitalizing the "beautiful and classy" park around the lake was, "probably the best use of public funds" they had seen in a long time, Drummond found one local park-goer who still wasn't satisfied:

"I'm an animal lover, but something has to be done," Dana Franklin said. "They are eating up all of our expensive new grass and pooping all over it."

So what does Drummond propose the city do about this migratory scourge from the North? "Geese-chasing dogs anyone?"

Anyhow, you never know what kind of jewels there are to be found at the lake: last year, a group of schoolchildren discovered sunken treasure in its waters. The lost goods were eventually returned to their rightful owner.