Anna Ayala, 47, made headlines back in 2005 after feigning finding a finger inside her Wendy's chili. Well, she's back in trouble again, and this time her son is involved. Ayala and her son, Guadalupe Reyes, 26, "came up with a botched plan to blame an innocent man for shooting Reyes in his left ankle, when in fact Reyes accidentally shot himself."

The Chronicle has more:

On Oct. 21, police found Reyes suffering from a gunshot wound outside his home on Michigan Avenue. His mother was standing over him, police said. The two identified the shooter as a 25-year-old man from the area.

After investigators confronted him with evidence that there was no gunshot residue on the man he said had shot him, Reyes admitted, "I shot myself," police said in court records.

Reyes added that his mother also knew he had shot himself accidentally, authorities said.
Ayala admitted that she had gotten rid of the gun, but told police, "I'm not going back to prison for something that has nothing to do with me," investigators said.

The noted con woman now faces a four-year sentence for allegedly falsely reporting a crime as well as being an accessory.

Ayala made headlines in 2005 after fibbing about a fingertip she claimed to have found and bitten into while dining on Wendy's chili. She even went so far as to appear on Good Morning America, saying, "Suddenly, I chew something that's kind of hard, crunchy." Her husband had in fact bought the severed finger from a coworker who lost the finger during a truck hoist accident.