If you're single in the Bay Area this Valentine's Day, there's still hope that you're not a hopeless and unlovable human being. Maybe you're just living in the wrong neighborhood. To help those unattached (straight) folks across the Bay Area find the ideal location to land a potential mate, local real estate website Trulia mapped out the zipcodes with the best ratios of single men and women.

To come up with their map, Trulia looked at the ratio of men living alone to women living alone in the Bay Area. They also subtracted the gay and lesbian population and weeded out undesirable mates such as anyone over 65 (gross) and people with roommates (extra gross). What's left is this handy, heteronormative pink and blue color-coded map of "men and women interested in dating someone of the opposite sex." (Everyone else looking for love might try their Welcome to the Gayborhood piece from last year.)

The good news for bros in the Marina is the 94123 is apparently overflowing with single ladies with no roommates. Should those single ladies grow weary of their commitment-averse Marina neighbors, however, they might have a better chance of finding an emotionally available dude near the techy office buildings sprinkled around SoMa. Grain of salt with the data here though: While Trulia names the Tenderloin as the best place in the city for single women to find love, something tells us the Tenderloin is overflowing with single men living alone for different reasons than South Beach is. We can only guess that the blue spot in North Beach is a new concentration of beat poets, banging away lonely nights on their typewriters.

Dudes not interested in braving the singles scene in the Marina might as well just head out of the city to find a girlfriend. The MILF-friendly zipcodes in Marin and the far East Bay are apparently overflowing with single women. We knew Livermore was hot for a reason.