While on hold during a fourth-quarter-earnings conference call, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer complained about her company's on-hold music, not realizing her mic was on. According to the NY Post (bible of accuracy), Mayer called the unspecified music "garbage" — telling her team to "make a note."

Enter a '90s-era one-hit wonder:

[...] That’s when rapper Snow, the one-hit wonder behind 1992’s “Informer,” was enlisted by New York’s Jingle Punks, creators of music for NBC’s “The Voice” to grant Mayer’s wish. He recorded a new song — with the catchy lyrics, “You’re on hold, hold on Yahoo, gimme a second while I patch you through . . . The CEO didn’t like da’ hold music, so I wrote this jam for you” and, “Yes, it’s Yah - Yahoo!” It’s gained fans on tech blogs and was even posted on Yahoo’s forum. No word yet whether Mayer approves.

Yeah. No word from Mrs. Mayer because Mr. A Licky Boom Boom Down's song is, with all due respect, a steaming plop of fecal matter. Behold:

Bah. If you know anything about Mayer, Mr. Snow, you would know that she's prone to fabulous attire and, presumably, fabulous music. Which is to say, she doesn't seem like a '90s-hip-hop or Spin Doctors kind of listener. We peg her as en En Vogue type. (They're from Oakland!) Or, better yet, a musical theater kind of woman.. (Fact: geeks like musical theater... or they should.) Or, just like the entire world over, she's a Beyonce fan.

As for the on-hold music? We'll update as soon as someone at Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale agrees to put us on hold.