How do you miss a camel? What's a camel doing on a Concord road? These questions and more we will provide to you in this post. See, a camel (named Rudy!) that lives along Bailey Road in Concord was hit by a minivan after it escaped from its wire enclosure on Tuesday night.

"[Rudy's] fine, he's hot and his adrenaline's pumping, but he's fine," Raymond Ferrante, who works for a Bailey Road land management company, explained to Marin IJ. "I have never done this before, so I can put (rescuing a camel) on my resume."


Marin IJ goes on to report that, much to our delight, "Camels are not a strange sight on Bailey Road." Camels have often been seen "grazing on the hill, along with cows, several miles from the road, and safely behind a wire fence."

Apparently this was the second time Rudy escaped yesterday. At around 3 p.m., he was found wandering around the road, munching on grass before good passersby coaxed him back into his enclosure.

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