Hey everyone! A new retail shop catering to your every naughty need has just opened in the Upper Haight and it's called Behind Closed Doors — despite the fact that in San Francisco, pervy sex things happen quite frequently, and proudly, right in the open air. And just in time for Valentine's Day, no less!

Buy your sweetie a corset/butt plug/vibrator/pair of glitter-encrusted gold stilettos and she's sure to put out! We joke, of course. Because that is kind of gross.

Anyway, Upper Haighters deserve easy access to sexy underthings, cock rings, and dildos just as much as the Castro does, so three cheers for this. And allegedly there may be a grand opening party in the near future, per Uppercasing.

Behind Closed Doors - 1597 Haight Street between Ashbury and Clayton