The following footage, captured by YouTube user Griz415, shows two cops on motorbikes arresting an allegedly unarmed man in the Mission while using questionable force. You can hear the suspect scream as he's being pinned to the ground, shouting at the officers, "Get off me!" It looks pretty rough.

The incident occurred at 24th and Mission on Thursday.


According to Griz415, the scene went down like this:

Long story short he got into it not physically but just verbally wit sum cat his age.. 18-19 cops seen that decided to approach him.. He tried to walk away set would not let him.. I mean this is how I feel -if I'm not getting arrested then *uck off leave me alone right? They are just using [their] power of authority..they love and must get the last laugh..fuck dem

SFist has contacted SFPD for more details. We'll update as soon as we know more.