An "increasing number" of Berkeley students are earning thousands of dollars a month through the website, which is a "dating" site for sugar daddies and their "sugar babies" seeking "mutually beneficial relationships." Modern times, kids.

UC Berkeley and UC Davis were ranked among the "Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools of 2012," (though not in the top 20) with Berkeley seeing a 67% increase in whores, and Davis seeing a whopping 220% increase. And while we can't confirm how many actual students this represents, it's an amusing statistic given all the drama around tuition increases at the UCs in recent years. A gal/guy's gotta do what a gal/guy's gotta do to get that diploma!

Also, Millennials are total libertines, and this should not come as a shock.

According to the site, which has a vested interest in making these arrangements sound better than they are, "the average college Sugar Baby receives approximately $3000 per month to cover the cost of tuition, books and living expenses." No word on what the average expectation is from the sugar daddies, but we can promise you it will probably haunt their dreams for decades to come.