A 31-year-old male's body was found in the trunk of a car across the street from Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park last night. The body and the car are believed to have been left there on Saturday night, and the victim was involved in a domestic violence incident that police were already aware of on Friday night.

They're not saying yet whether the man was murdered as a direct result of the domestic violence incident, but as ABC 7 reports, they say they believe that some blood found around the driver's seat of the car may belong to the victim's girlfriend, who was also involved in the Friday incident. She had been the victim in that incident. Sonoma County Sheriffs are saying she is not a suspect in the man's murder, and she's been cleared in the case, so perhaps someone was avenging the violence on her behalf. The murder victim and his girlfriend had a history of domestic violence.

Police do not yet have a suspect, and they have not identified the victim's name, or how he was killed.

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