Thirllist gets gay tonight for a good cause when editors Grant Marek and Joe Starkey guest mix at Blackbird for healthy prostates. And to get you drunk, naturally. But mainly for prostates. Your prostate. Your sparklingly healthy, cancer-free prostate. Not that healthy prostates have anything to do with being gay, but... tonight's benefit is at a gay (some say "mixed") bar. Anyway.

Anal proclivities aside, SFist talked to Starkey for more details about what's he's making tonight. He explained, "We will be serving The Adult Juice Box and The Unfortunate Body Type (it's got pear in it!)"

Why should we drink what you're pouring, Joe? He advises, "I spent two years out of college bartending at a Georgetown spot catering to privileged youths and European tourists (neither of whom tipped or had real-looking IDs). My specialty was a vanilla basil mojito, but I won't be making those because a) I'm not allowed and b) How could you not want a drink called the Adult Juice Box?"

Indeed. That is a mighty fine name for a cocktail. And a fine bar, too.

The fun and booze go down from 7-9pm tonight at Blackbird (2124 Market Street). Details.