There's been a lot of talk lately about how hip Oakland is these days, but you know what no one has been talking about in the neverending San Francisco vs. Oakland debate? Just how gay it is over there across the Bay Bridge. Today's Oakland-friendly linkbait comes to us by way of, who have come up with a fabulous new metric for determining where a city falls on the Kinsey scale.

Great LGBT cities are more than just "raucous nightlife," the Advocate's Matthew Breen writes in his listicle introduction, "so if you expected to see Hell’s Kitchen or the Castro, you’re reading the wrong list." But how should we measure a city's gay-friendliness if not by the number of bars flying the rainbow flag? The Advocate proposes nine alternative criteria including: number of LGBT elected officials, number of gay rugby teams, availability of "fabulous shopping," and the total number of concerts by the Scissor Sisters, Uh Huh Her, Girl in a Coma, or the cast of Glee since 2009. By those metrics, Oakland is the 11th Gayest City in America, beating out whitebread San Francisco in terms of diversity, affordability and number of lesbian couples per capita. In fact, Oakland is right behind S.F. and Seattle for the highest number of gay- or lesbian-headed households in the country.

San Francisco, meanwhile, gets an honorable mention, man-wiched between Scottsdale, Arizona and Anaheim, California at #17.

Pop over to for the full list and try not to be too hurt when you realize even Springfield, Massachusetts has got San Francisco licked.