As is monthly tradition around here, we present our 10 favorite utterances from the January issue of The Gazette, "San Francisco's original social network." In this month's issue: The magazine's top "A" Listers of 2012, holiday party recaps, and curmudgeonly visions for the new year. Observe:

  • "This is the issue you’ve been waiting for—starring you in this year’s much-anticipated “A” List! Take a peek inside to see exactly how many mentions you’ve had in the Nob Hill Gazette in 2012. If you’re not on the list, we look forward to seeing you there in 2013." — Lois Lehrman's Letter to Readers introducing the yearly Ouroboros-like A-list, which ranks San Francisco's finest by the number of times they've been mentioned by the Gazette.

  • "The most-mentioned male and female are [America's Cup Organizing Committee chair] Mark Buell and [S.F. Opera Guild Board Member/Fundraiser] Mary Poland." — From The 22nd Annual "A"-List which, again, is just a list of names.

  • "Ted Turner quipped that there are only two ways to gain worldwide, immortal fame: become President of the United States or win the America’s Cup... America’s Cup racing has always been the domain of the world’s wealthiest, most flamboyant, competitive, and ambitious men." — Sandra J. Swanson's history of America's Cup legend J. Pierpoint Morgan.

  • "Good Spanish cuisine on the West Coast has always been a challenge for this writer. Having lived in Spain for many years, I am wary of the word 'tapas.' " — Tapas-wary food writer James Stolich describing the food scene in Healdsburg.

  • "The craft distilling segment is growing at an aggressive pace as more artisanal distillers gain experience and know-how. There were a mere handful of craft distillers in 2000; by the end of next year, I’m projecting approximately 450." — Spirits guru F. Paul Pacult using the dreaded "artisanal" word to predict the future of the booze industry in 2013.

  • "The Gucci version truly stands out, announcing itself with prominent Gucci badging, a special Gucci-signature retractable roof, and matched Gucci-patterned, trademark leather seats." — David discussing the over-the-top Gucci package on the tiny, new Fiat 500C Lounge Cabrio subcompact car.

  • "Private banks, full-service brokerage firms, and stand-alone investment advisers are all offering packages of financial services to their merely affluent clientele—not just to the extremely rich." — Steven Stein's investment advice will help you separate the "merely affluent" from the "extremely rich."

  • "February 24: In spite of recent rulings, nudity is not only encouraged on periodic Spare the Pants days, but now strictly enforced. Citizens caught fully dressed in public on these days will be cited." — One of Gerald Nachman's delightfully tongue-in-cheek predictions for San Francisco in 2013. (Which will now round out our Ten Brief Excerpts, because they're great.)

  • "May 3: The Chronicle’s C.W. Nevius is discovered by the Bay Guardian to have a half interest in a local shoeshine cartel… Society writer Catherine Bigelow tells Stanlee Gatti to get lost… Willie Brown, Jr., takes a cab ride with a taxi driver who fails to recognize him." — Nachman

  • "December 29: The San Francisco Examiner begins a circulation drive that pays readers $25 a month to subscribe. Those who decline the opportunity will be asked to pay the Examiner $25 a month to stop pelting their driveway with wet newspapers…The city’s first Trader Joe’s is declared an historic landmark." — No seriously, go read Gerald Nachman's humor piece.

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