In a city that, let's face it, isn't as welcoming to the gays as it once was, Marke B. turned out a joyous and thoughtful review of LGBTs in 2012, touching upon both local and national queerdom ("Lamebows 2013: The gay gaffes and honey boo-boos of a very queer year"). The SFBG editor/columnist breaks down everything from the Castro's newfound prudishness to Michael Petrelis' potty shots to Sodastreamgate. But our favorite read goes to Mr. Vanderbilt himself, Anderson Cooper:

The fact is, you're late: "The fact is, I'm gay," Anderson Cooper wrote to blogger Andrew Sullivan by way of coming out. Anderson Cooper is the Clay Aiken of our generation.

Lovely. He doles out a similar mention to Kristy McNichol:

The fact is you're veeery late: As her 50th birthday approached, Kristy McNichol came out. "She hopes that coming out can help kids who need support," said her publicist. There are no kids who know who Kristy McNichol is.

Do yourself a favor and read Marke's piece in its entirety at SF Bay Guardian.