Immediately following yesterday's news that Al Jazeera had bought Current TV, Gavin Newsom announces that he'll be taking his seven-month-old Gavin Newsom Show off the air. According to Newsom spokesman and infamous SFist commenter Peter Ragone, the decision is unrelated to the Al Jazeera takeover, but, uh, let's be real here. It wouldn't exactly be wise for a person of Newsom's political ambition to remain under the employ of the Arab world's favorite news network.

Ragone said in a statement, "The Gavin Newsom Show was a remarkable opportunity and a truly educational experience for which [Newsom] is grateful." The show, which premiered in May 2012, quickly became a platform for Newsom's fame to extend to late-night basic-cable audiences, not to mention a venue for his awkward faces and disgust at the mere mention of whole fat cream.

Also on the show, Gav-Gav admitted that his duties as Lieutenant Governor aren't exactly keeping him busy, and he kind of hates Sacramento. "It's just so dull," he said in a particularly candid moment. "Sadly, I just, ugh, God."

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