The first of two biographical films based on the life (or at least keynote presentations) of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be unleashed in American theaters this April, with noted actor/Pop Chips salesman Ashton Kutcher taking the titular role. That title, again, is the annoyingly spelled jOBS and the film will close out the Sundance Film Festival later this month before seeing wide distribution.

With a cast that includes Matthew Modine, James Woods, Dermot Mulroney and that guy from The Daily Show as Steve Wozniak, the supporting roles threaten to outshine Mr. Kutcher. The story arc, we understand, will follow a young Steve Jobs through his more youthful adventures as he takes LSD, drops out of Reed College, and becomes a devout Buddhist determined to make "great things." The film also boasts, "unprecedented access during shooting to the historic garage in Palo Alto, that served as the birthplace to Apple Inc."

Still no word on when the prickly Aaron Sorkin will wrap up work on his own Steve Jobs script based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography, but we can at least expect some snappy dialogue and hallway-walking scenes.

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