We've known for quite some time now that former Da Mayor, well-compensated political/sandwich lobbyist and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Willie Brown has been suspiciously vocal about his love for Subway sandwiches. Now Willie's colleague Chuck Nevius is shilling for the world's largest fast food chain. Because the lovely scent of Hearty Italian bread masks all the stab wounds near his beloved but troubled "Comfort Corner" at Sixth and Market, of course.

"It's always risky to predict that the troubled two-block run of Sixth Street is turning it around," Nevius wrote this week, paraphrasing his own article from February. The new location of Dottie's True Blue Cafe that opened around the beginning of 2012 has seen success, Nevius notes, mostly because "the hipster crowd" doesn't seem to worry about the crime rate while they wait in line for pastries. But the real shining new gem on Comfort Corner is the new location of the Eat Fresh franchise on Sixth Street:

"Down a block and on the other side of the street is another comforting sight, a Subway sandwich shop. Granted, it is formula retail, and it doesn't do nearly the business of Dottie's, but the bright sign and clean interior are an improvement."

Sure, it's a lot harder to get stabbed under the florescent lighting of a Subway sandwich shop than, say, the porn store down the block where that guy spontaneously combusted that one time, but there are two other Subway locations within two blocks of the new one on Sixth. So, let's be honest here — the only thing that a Subway franchise location has ever turned around was Jared Fogel's waistline. We could just as easily thank Jesus himself for turning the block around. We hope, at least, that the Chronicle staff is getting a lot of free party subs out of all this.

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