Because Muni can go to hell, the city's public transit snafu will run reduced service during the last week of the year. This is the first time ever that Muni has done such a thing. Great. Muni will run its Saturday schedule on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Which blows for many of us who have to work next week. (What, you don't get the week off to spend at your vineyard in Anderson Valley? Peasant.)

What does this mean? It means that San Francisco doesn't care much about public transportation. But you knew that already. Ron Austin, spokesman for the Transport Workers Union Local 250-A that represents Muni operators, tells SF Examiner, "The SFMTA management makes these decisions and sits in their office ... We’re on the frontline and we bear all the brunt for people’s frustration with the system. But this isn’t even about us—it’s about riders not getting their fair due.”

This is all because, according to SF MTA, Muni is poor, faces a $7 million deficit, spent $1.6 million on a program to get kids to ride for free, and why can't you just get a car or bike already? Plebeians. However, as Supervisor Scott Wiener accurately points out in the same Ex article, shit like this will continue unless we get serious about funding the agency.